We met up with Pavan’s friend, Jeff, for pizza dinner. Pavan had planned that we’d go to Delfina (a popular San Fran Neapolitan-style pizza place), but because it was Jeff’s choice since he’s moving out of town, we went to Little Star Pizza. Fine with me either way. I didn’t want to deal with the long waits at Delfina and the snobby pizza customers. But as for Little Star, I heard this was where the young hipsters of San Fran hang out. I’m still trying to figure out what that means and how that’s different from NY hipsters. To me, they look like 1998 indie scenesters from a cool college town. We were at the bar waiting for our table and this indie nerd who was trying to hit on the bartender offered us a slice. I declined but said I was willing to take a photo. I think he thought I was making fun of him. So Pavan told him that I have a Brooklyn blog. Then the kid tried to make a joke and said “…oh from East Bushwick?” I think he meant East Williamsburg/Bushwick. Either way I wasn’t sure if I was offended that he was trying to call me a hipster or that he didn’t let me take a photo of his pizza. He did go on about how the pizza was superior to Delfina’s. From what I understand is that Delfina has the thin crust and Little Star has the Deep Dish. Kinda hard to compare I think.

We got a deep dish pizza with mushrooms and pepperoni. The corn meal crust gave it a grainy corn bread texture. It’s a good sloppy saucey pizza, but I think that indie kid left a bad taste in my mouth. I couldn’t really enjoy it. I guess I don’t like people bragging to me how something is so much better. Even though I might’ve agreed, I’ll go the other way out of spite.

Oh yeah. When we left, we came across a homeless man that looked like Captain Crunch. He had already been swearing at someone down the street. He came to us to ask for money and Jeff said no. Captain Crunch then starts to call us buttfuckers and proceeds to walk away. Then Jeff retaliates and Captain Crunch came back. It went back and forth for ten minutes (at least it felt that long). It was awkward because Jeff is a lanky math nerd and it would have been really awkward to see him fight with the strung out Captain Crunch. Anyway I always grew up thinking New York had the meanest streets, but San Francisco has the scariest hobos ever.

Little Star Pizza – 400 Valencia St (btw 15th St & Sparrow St) San Francisco, CA 94103
01 Little Star Pizza02 Deep Dish Pizza with Pepperoni and Mushroom at Little Star

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  1. amy

    Hi 🙂 I found your blog via foodie friend of mine who said you were a foodie from NYC. I wanted to ask you what are the good dim sum places in chinatown? I know I’ve heard of the famous golden unicorn but i also heard that it’s just “ok.” any advice? thank you!

  2. chinolam

    @amy …yeah Golden Unicorn & Jing Fong seem to be crowd favorites and non-Chinese-speaking friendly. They are usually very packed though. I’d like to suggest a hidden one like East Market Restaurant (75 E Broadway under the Manhattan Bridge at Market St.) It’s hard to find. It’s next to the children’s playground and you walk upstairs to a giant banquet hall. Pretty good dim sum IMO. Easy to get a table because tourists don’t know about it.

    Pictures here from Chinese New Year… https://www.mightysweet.com/mesohungry/2009/02/03/dim-sum-09-and-im-feeling-fine/

    Also there’s another dim sum place (perhaps better food, more fancier looking) across the street – North side of East Broadway underneath the Manhattan Bridge in the mall (2nd floor). Not really anymore expensive. Dim Sum is usually cheap all around. Good luck. Have fun, dim sum!


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