Out to Vegas with Florida Friends. Took Virgin America where you can play Doom, text cute passengers and order food on your personal TV monitor. I got the turkey wrap. Kinda expensive for $9, but not bad. You can get free bloody mary mix and pretend it’s liquored. I did.

Then met up with Friends down in downtown. Chandler threw me his daiquiri filled football and being Joey, I was able to catch it one handed while drinking my Tecate with the other.

Meg Ryan came in late. Ry and I scooted over to the Golden Gate casino where they have 99cent shrimp cocktails (with the club card, $1.99 without), but the snack bar was closed so we had to dine at the Bay City Diner in the casino for the $4.99 shrimp cocktail. It’s still badass, but I’m still curious about the 99cent ones.

Bay City Diner @ the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

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