I’ve only had a chance at the Sloppy Bao from Baoguette before all the media hype that sent lines out the door. It was a rainy day last week, I walked by and no line because of the icky weather. Interestingly enough, there was a line at the halal cart on the corner in the rain.

My first try at Baoguette’s standard roast pork Banh Mi sandwich. It’s a really good sandwich. Comparable to Saigon Bakery’s in level of flavorfulness. The roast pork was mushy, but juicier. Saigon Bakery still is my favorite, but it’s close. Not bad at all for $5.50 without having to take the train to Chinatown. Although I don’t know about that line they regularly have. I suppose bad weather can be a good thing sometimes …and this applies to the Shake Shack line.

Baoguette – 61 Lexington Ave (btw 25th & 26th St) New York, NY 10010

01 Baoguette Pork Banh Mi02 Baoguette Pork Banh Mi

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