This one’s from several months back when I took a Skillshare class about Youtube Strategies at the ad offices of Ogilvy & Mather (on the West side). It was cool. I was hoping to see a few Don Drapers.

I was hungry after and Daisy May’s was right across the street. I had ribs from them at a BBQ fest a long time ago and they were pretty good. I thought this place would be a sit-down restaurant, but it’s a counter and then a dining room.

I got one of the cheapest things – “Bowl O’ Red” Texas Style Chili ($10.50). It looks small, but it’s all meat –12 ounces of meat and some gravy. The first few bites were great. Tender beef chunks. But after a while, it’s just too much meat and the chili gravy gets too salty. It comes with a tortilla, onions, cheese and sour cream.

This day was sort of memorable since it marked when I really got interested in learning again and bettering myself. Since then, I’ve taken acting and improv classes and just today I signed up for a class on Body Language. Pretty good deal too. $29 on LivingSocial. I can’t wait to find out who the fuck’s been lying to me.

Daisy May’s BBQ USA – 623 11th Ave (btwn 45th & 46th St) New York, NY 10036

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  1. St. Inky Goldberg

    I’ve discovered that balance is hard. I want it all but I want it to last, until it’s too salty … or whatever. Finding that perfect balance is quixotic. I’ve found that mood is a huge factor in the taste, etc. But that’s probably me being an imbecile writ large. Oy veh, dude.


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