I was walking around Midtown looking for a late lunch at around 3:30. Dang, that line at 53rd St & 6th Ave is super long even between normal meal times. Then I saw the same Halal Guys cart a short block South on 52nd St. The same umbrellas, the same yellow bags, the same T-shirts advertising 53rd St –but this one had no line.

I got a heavy platter of Chicken and Lamb over Rice ($6). It all looked the same and seemed to taste the same or similar from what I remember and from the Midtownlunch Street Meat Paloozas. Although it was super spicy, because I asked him to add more hot sauce after it looked like he only squirted a little on my food.

Well now that I’ve learned that not all Rafiqi’s are the same, I still can’t imagine that everyone in that long ass 53rd St line has compared them both and decided it was worth the wait. Makes me wonder about businesses that try to expand. The demand is definitely there, but the demand doesn’t want to walk a short block away.

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