This Ramen and Friends adventure took us to Himalayan Yak in Jackson Heights, Queens. Got to taste a bunch of things. I liked the Sha Bhaley meat patties and their hot sauces. Different hot sauces that I don’t know how to describe, but they were different and all hot. And the goat Sha Momo Dumplings were right on.

The group seemed to think it was hilarious that the Himalayan Exotic section of the menu had American Cheese in the dishes. I got the Ema-Datsi (The fiery Bhutanese national dish!!! Long green chilly in a american cheese sauce served with rice). It was sure spicy. I had to stuff my mouth with their breads to cool me down.

Himalayan Yak – 72-20 Roosevelt Ave. Jackson Heights, NY 11372

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  1. Obbop

    Great pics.

    The “skin” of the fried items appear quite appetizing.

    I would like to nibble upon one of everything!!!

    And the background music as I dined delightfully would have to include Al Stewart’s “The Year of the Yak.”


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