We checked out Sweet Science a little while back as a pre-theater dinner before Then She Fell in East Williamsburg. It’s a newish place. Pretty big space for the area.

My friends hated it. They had the burger with the fried egg and pinapple, kale salad, and black-eyed peas. I had the fried chicken which I thought was pretty good. The breading was crispy and dense. I had no problem. But for some reason they were pissed off. I think it all started with the wine being a little funky and it took a little nudging to have them swap it out. I think that’s what made them hate this place from there on out. No turning back. Hey, I had beer. I didn’t notice.

Maybe that’s something a lot of restaurants can learn. The customer is always right. Don’t argue. From what I gather, it seems like people can love a place, but then have one bad experience and then refuse to ever come back. I see it on Yelp all the time.

Again, I had no problem. I liked my fried chicken. Although now I see I didn’t get the fries that the menu said was included. What’s up with that? Shit. Now I’m getting pissed off.

Sweet Science – 135 Graham Ave (btwn Boerum St & Johnson Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11206

Oh and the play (Then She Fell) was awesome. It’s an interactive play kind of like Sleep No More, but more interactive and intimate. They only take 15 audience members at a time. It’s based on Lewis Carroll and Alice and Wonderland. It’s creepy. I was having a conversation with Alice about my romantic history, while brushing her hair. It was awesome. As of right now, it’s going on through October 27th. Worth it.

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  1. Ed Lavin

    You should give it another shot. They have a new chef and all new menu. The catfish is amazing. I had the wings and the pulled pork as well and everything was super good. They have a smoker on site and even though the place was packed, didn’t have to wait long at all.


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