Weird. Xi’an Famous Foods just opened up a storefront kind of close to where I live in East Williamsburg. But what’s weird is that in the middle of nowhere. So far from the train and mostly just among warehouses.

Seriously, this is the Google Maps street view…

Well after talking to the guy there, it makes actually makes sense since it is the location of their central kitchen. They make almost all the stuff there (sauces, meats, noodles) before shipping them off to their restaurants. And the location does make sense since it’s close to the highway. Might as well add a storefront since they are making food there anyway. And there are people that live close enough …like me.

Today is their grand opening and they are giving out free burgers or noodle dish if you go to their Facebook page. If you catch this quick enough and willing to trudge through the snow, you can still print out the coupon. Todd told me about it since he lives even closer and said he was going to go right when it opened …and they would hang his coupon on the wall like a first dollar bill. Anyway I beat him and was the first person there, but he and Elissa came after. No line because of the blizzard. People soon came in after us, but we already hogged the three stools at the counter. I feel bad all those people had to eat their food in the snow.

The food was good as usual. Maybe spicier? It had a lot of kick.

Xi’an Famous Foods – 86 Beadel St. Brooklyn, NY 11222

There was a big CPR poster on the wall. Is it weird that the people in the drawings look Asian? Maybe they just look at Asian because we’re in an Asian restaurant.

I do hope they hang my coupon on the wall.

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  1. tio wally

    I really, really, really need some of those Stewed Oxtail Noodles.


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