Todd and I are like, “should we party?” It’s raining so hard outside. We did it because Andrew WK tells us to do it. We went to my friend Lisa’s comedy show at Niagra. All wet. I had a few drinks there.

Then Todd disappeared. I found him across the street at Sushi Lounge, where it’s 50% off sushi all the time. And it was late Happy Hour (50% off draft beers and cocktails after 10pm). Sounds like a great deal. But the sushi prices are jacked up, so 50% off is like regular price.

Todd got the Sushi Mania, which sounds awesome at $23.50. Quite disappointing though. Sushi was falling apart and it looked less mania than it sounded.

I got the Katsu Curry. It was alright. But dang, I forgot I’m cutting  back on the carbs. So I didn’t eat the rice, which was half of the plate.

We were still hungry, so we got a Sushi Deluxe.

I guess the late happy hour is a good deal, but we left pretty disappointed. Then we had to walk home in the heavy rain with broken umbrellas. I thought there were never regrets in life, but we really regretted going out this time.

Sushi Lounge - 132 Saint Marks Pl (@ Ave A) New York, NY 10009

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