A few days ago, I thinking about going to Potlikker. It looked interesting from seeing it on Yelp and as a Suggested Page on Facebook. Then the next day, I found a Potlikker receipt in my pocket. I was like “WTF?”

Then I realized I went there already after I had a Sakura 6 free sake dinner. Afterwards we had beer and Jello shots at the bar around the corner. Then we were heading home and I ran into my old friend Diana. She said she was meeting my old friend Hinkle. So I tagged along and ate a second dinner. I guess I had too many sakes and Jello shots to know I was at Potlikker.

Everything was pretty good from what I remembered. The thing I picked off the menu was pretty impressive looking –Chicken liver mousse, sourdough french toast points, shallot agrodolce, tempura fried parsley & homemade pickles $13. They should call it French Toast with Chicken Liver, because I thought I was just getting chicken liver and some bread.

The Brick Chicken ($23) was really good. Crispy! I’ll remember that.

Potlikker - 338 Bedford Ave (btwn S 4th & S 3rd St) New York, NY 11211

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  1. tio wally

    As your publicist I want to tell you this: I’m still having issues with your spelling, as well as your capricious and sometime misuse of capital letters. Correct punctuation would enhance your product. Trust me.

    That said, I phoe uoy illw aket ym gsgstiöñes ylsuiore*.

    *I smell a postcard in this for someone.


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