When Cafe Ghia is too packed for brunch, I think Arepera Guacuco is an adequate backup.

I got the Desayuno Capitalino (Perico (which is scrambled eggs with tomato and onions), shredded beef, paisa cheese, black beans and a plain arepa $10). It was good, but you know what really took it over the top? The sauces! There’s three sauces in squeeze bottles. Peruvian/Venezuelan creamy green sauce, whatever that is, it rules. Also there’s a orange chipotle mayo type sauce and a green chile pepper sauce.

Shit. I’d just go for the sauces. Can I just order a beer and the sauces?

Arepera Guacuco – 44 Irving Ave (between Jefferson St & Troutman St in Bushwick) Brooklyn, NY 11237

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