We got this KFC Gameday Bucket to watch some football with. The commercial keeps telling me Gameday Bucket go Boom!

The Gameday Bucket is $19.99 (8 pc. Chicken, 8 Hot Wings, 10 Bites). And then they have the Gameday MEAL ($25.99), which is all the above plus 2 lg sides and 4 biscuits. We went with the latter.

I don’t know if this bucket goes boom or bust. It wasn’t as awesome as we expected, especially the tray of Hot Wings and Bites. The wings were non sauced. Just breaded and fried. That’s unfortunate. I really like the old KFC Honey BBQ Wings, which looks like are discontinued. I loved how the smell punched me in my face when I opened the box of those old Honey BBQ Wings. I thought we were getting those. Also the Bites bite. Seemed like nuggets of left-over pieces of chicken.

Anyway, I do like KFC. It’s just that the Gameday Bucket is not that awesome. A better deal seemed like the 10 piece Bucket with large Mashed Potatoes for $13.99. More of the good stuff. Only dark meat. But I think dark is better anyway. The only cool thing about the breast is that is like Double D size. It was as big as Todd’s head.

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