I’ve posted snippets from the road, but now I’m ready to share our full-on adventures and photos from our Shonali Bhowmik 100 Oak’s Revival tour down South…

Day 4: Shonali’s good old friend Jeff (and coincidentally Jill’s cousin) hosted us in Charleston at his big house. I slept on the window ledge …that’s how big it was. The next morning he pulled out some simple ingredients (bread, turkey slices, cheese and a bean salad) so we can make sandwiches. I really forgot how good a simple sandwich could be.

Later we walked around in downtown Charleston. It’s beautiful there. I’m glad the hurricane didn’t hit. A lot of cute Carolina girls. Shonali told me I should talk to the gelato cart girl. I think Shonali was trying to get me arrested because she was probably 15.

We then hit up Sticky Fingers BBQ (which Jeff used to own). I’ve always heard about this place. I got two shots of Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon and one of the Blue Plate Specials (under $10 all day) …that’s a good deal. As recommended by our waiter, I went with the dry rub on my ribs. Probably for the best since all the sauces are on the table.

I love the idea of the Habanero and Tennessee Whiskey sauces, but I think my favorite was the Carolina Classic mustard.

Sticky Fingers – 235 Meeting Street. Charleston, SC 29401

They had this painting of Stephen Colbert.

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