Well I don’t know if this place is really called Cafe Minutka, because of all the Russian letters. But that’s what it says when I Google the address. This was in Brighton Beach after our lunch at Elza Fancy Food …right next to the train stop.

They had a sidewalk sale where I bought this big sausage roll for $2. I didn’t realize there was a big sausage in there, I thought it was part of the braided bread.

Took it back to the city to eat while watching Tebow. It was like a smoked kielbasa wrapped in a buttery croissant roll. Pretty good. Really filling. Big sausage.

Brighton Beach is pretty cool.  Their liquor stores have bottles shaped like rifles, stallions and veggie penises. They also have their own Best Buy.

Cafe Minutka - 504 Brighton Beach Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11235

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