What happened over Labor Day Weekend… Rusty’s been obsessed with the Bacon Turtle Burger that’s been circulating the fishing and hunting forums. People were thinking it was his when he reposted the images on his Facebook. It was being reposted over and over again, no one seemed to know who the Turtle Burger originally belonged to. I suppose that’s probably what happened with my BK Pizza Burger photos. After doing some research, I think the first person to blog it was INTERWEBS RANDOMNESS AND OTHER INSPIRING TALES. But even they claim the recipe and photos belong to someone else (MRD, the Marquis de Meat). Maybe we can just agree that the Turtle Burger really belongs to each and everyone one of us that dreams in our hearts and our stomachs.

Rusty opted to go for Turkey Bacon and Turkey Burger and no cheese. Sure, it doesn’t sound as awesome and greasy as the pork and bacon route, but he is kind of a redneck. He also likes his meats well done. It took lot longer to cook than the original recipe. More like 2 hours, rather than 30mins at 400 degrees. I don’t know if it’s our sucky oven or if turkey bacon just takes much longer to crisp up. I was surprised at how little grease was in the pan. The Turtle Burger was a little dry and overcooked for my tastes, but that’s Turkey Burger. Plus I can’t expect much when bacon, burger and hot dogs have different cooking times. It was pretty good in the end when I added bbq and hot sauce.

Russ and I were stuffed after splitting just one. He took the other Turtle Burger to Golden Star Corner bodega and had them put it on display. It weighed in at 1lb on the meat scale.

This video says it all. Watch it in 720p High Def if you can handle it.

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  1. toddles

    rusty’s asscrack is the background image on my computer now.


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