The eagle-eyes over at noticed my photo used in UK newspapers’ The Telegraph and the Daily Mail. I’m flattered and welcome our friends overseas to witness this monstrous beast that is Burger King’s New York Pizza Burger. I just wish they asked for permission or at least gave me a photo credit. I could have been as famous as Gordan Ramsay!

What does this mean for the bloggers? Anyone can use anything on the Internet for free without attribution? Shouldn’t these big guys know better? Am I just as wrong for posting screen shots of their copyrighted material on my site? Shit.

[Update: The Daily Mail added a © Me So Hungry to the photo]

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  1. Wilfrid

    It’s straightforward copyright infringement, and if you can demonstrate the pictures are yours, it should be a straightforward matter to obtain a fee from them. I am not a lawyer, but it has happened to me before, and when it’s genuinely your own work simply stolen the solution is easy (if you can be bothered to contact them). Harder with fly-by-night sites, but these are newspapers.

  2. nani

    watermark your photos….maybe with a silhouette of your trademark shag hair do, you could be the next snooki

  3. William gardner

    Yeah you should get a watermark sorted since you have some cracking photos – I think there is a WP plugin that can do this automatically.

    Also, get in touch with the newspapers and try and get something from them!

  4. El fat bastardo

    Stealing photos from blogs and forums is pretty standard practise for our media I’m afraid.

    Yahoo UK are giving you a shout – that’s how I ended up here.

    Great blog BTW!

    • Jason Lam
      Jason Lam

      Whoa, awesome. I always wanted to be one of those Yahoo headlines. I was just thinking that recently. Thanks!

  5. JF

    Hey, I work for a regional newspaper over in that part of the world and the big papers do this kind of thing all the time. Look online for the photo editor’s email address, send him or her a mail and tell them you’ll be contacting your lawyer unless they send you a fee and you’ll be sorted in a minutes.

  6. Pennie Mcgavisk

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