Wow, this is some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever had. I saw a friend post about this place, Tacqueria Izucar in Bushwick on Facebook. I looked it up. It’s a favorite of the Village Voice with their Veal Flank Tacos ($1.50 each), making it their Best Restaurant in Bushwick 2014.

I went with the Mole Enchilada $10 with Chicken. I asked if I could have it with both half and half red and green sauce, but she didn’t seem like it was possible. So I went with the red. She said it was spicier. Okay, for some reason, I always thought green was spicier or the same level of heat. But red makes more sense. Before I moved to New York, I thought red was supposed to be spicier. Anyway, it was spicy, but really really good.

The place is small and the seating is limited to the counter. But there is a TV that was playing hockey. I just sat near the window and stared out and enjoyed my meal and wiped the sweat off my forehead.

Tacqueria Izucar – 1503 Myrtle Ave (between Linden St & Gates Ave in Bushwick) Brooklyn, NY 11237

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