I was really thinking of the brussel sprouts from the night before. I wanted to cook my own. So went to the store, grabbed some stuff and prayed. Note that I’ve never cooked Brussel Sprouts and was too lazy to go to my computer and look up how. This is what I did that became Bacon Beer Brussel Sprouts.

First off, I was really confused with the Gusto Bacon package. The back had two flaps for “Representative Slice”? Is that so you can see the back of the bacon in the store? But who would people be willing to tear the perforations of the package before buying it? I don’t know. I just got confused.

1) Anyway, I cooked one slice of bacon in a small omelet pan. After you crisp it up, you should set the bacon aside …not like I did and left it in (It’ll get soggy).
2) Then I turned the stove down to low as I put in the brussel sprouts (around 15 sprouts) onto the bacon grease. I had it on low because I was afraid they were going to pop and explode with the water in the sprouts. It worked out alright. I didn’t get any in my eye
3) Seasoned it with salt, pepper, oregano, Accent (MSG – I got that in my eye), Balsamic Vinegar (…and an after-thought, sugar or some molasses/honey/syrup might be good). Then poured on about a fourth a bottle of Brooklyn Lager.
4) covered and let it cook/steam on medium heat for around 10-20 minutes, depending how firm/soft you like it. I like the latter.
5) Take that crispy bacon from aside and crumbling it over when you serve (…I didn’t do this. I had mine in with the sprouts while it cooked. It would have better to have some of the crunchy bacon bits on top at the end).

It came out pretty good. Bitter because of the beer. I think a little more Balsamic Vinegar or sugar/molasses/honey like I mentioned before would have made it tastier. The recipe needs tweaking, but it was decent for a blind stab. Let me know if you have tips or a better way of cooking brussel sprouts. I might have done it all wrong.

Bacon Beer Brussel Sprouts – The final product

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  1. 127.0.0

    I roast them (frozen) in the toaster oven with plenty of salt and olive oil. Love ’em that way.

  2. chinolam

    @ashley… you’d better frame that napkin since I’m the next David Chang.
    @127.7.0… That’s a good idea. I was just thinking of getting a toaster oven. I feel like my roommate is wasting energy for warming up one Chicken Boca Patty in a big oven.

  3. 127.0.0

    Just read this on “Serious Eats: New York” in a posting about the Vanderbilt in Brooklyn.

    Will definitely be trying this in my toaster oven instead of the olive oil and salt:


    “Equally tasty were the Brussels Sprouts ($5) with crispy skins and a perfect char, sprinkled with sesame seeds and brushed with a sweet, spicy glaze of sriracha, lime, and honey. The effect? “These taste like Chinese food,” one of my dinner companions opined. “In a really, really good way.””


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