Whoa, this is what it’s like being hungover and having to wake up early to prep for your first Thanksgiving hosting? I actually meant to wake up three hours ago to put this pork shoulder in the crock pot. Like I said in my Twitter, I went to this Thanksgiving Eve party last night. Right off the bat, I ran into the guy who plays Roger Sterling at the bar. We talked about bar butting. It made my week. I didn’t butt him. He butt me. My Mad Men fantasy is becoming more and more a reality. I also happened to meet the big Indian guy from the Jerky Boys. For some reason I was trying to get him to join my James Iha Tribute Band. My James Iha fantasy is becoming more and more a reality.

Alright. I brined my half pork shoulder overnight with a whole small bottle of white wine vinegar (soaking in it), a lot of salt, some onion powder, garlic powder and thyme. I did read a thread about how it’s not really necessary to brine a pork shoulder. But I always seem to not have enough flavor or saltiness when I’ve roasted them before. So we’ll see.

I put this boy in the crock pot just now with a can of vegetable broth, cubed butternut squash (sprinkled cinnamon and salt), added parts of cinnamon sticks and twigs of thyme. I made up the recipe in my head all day yesterday. It was supposed to be Pumpkin Pulled Pork, but I guess no one sells pumpkins after Halloween? So Cinnamon Butternut Squash Pork Shoulder now. The crock pot is going to be my new best friend as I go back to bed and pull my blanket over my head.

[update (the following morning): Oh shit. What did I do?! I just created the best pork ever. Cooked it for 9 1/2 hours on low. The meat was falling apart with a touch. You can taste all the crap I threw in there in the meat. I think the brining helped. Pics coming soon. Too much food.]

01 Butternut Squash and Pork Shoulder in the Crock Pot

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  1. Tio Wally

    Can’t believe you didn’t enter this contest. But there’s always next year. Then again, after seeing a couple of your more, um, “colorful” concoctions maybe that’s not all bad.
    Note that one of this year’s entries is from David Byrne — yes, that David Byrne. And check out the previous years’ entries, too. Some of them look really tasty. Enjoy. And Happy T-Day. (h/t boingboing.net)


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