>>Hey Matt,
You remember that time we went to Corner Bistro years ago? I think it was with your friends that were a couple and they got into a little tiff and one of them walked out? Was that at Corner Bistro? And what happened to that extra burger? I had Corner Bistro last night and the burger is different from what I remembered and so was the dining room. Was I at Corner Bistro?

I ended up in Manhattan last night and tried to get a cab back into Brooklyn to a few parties. No luck on Halloween night. The streets were packed with people in costume trying to get to their own parties. So we went to Corner Bistro with the rest of the drunk zombies for one New York’s best burgers. The server/host was no-nonsense. Get us in, take our order, give us us burgers, then get outta here. It was good because people were starting to file in.

Ordered the Bistro Burger (burger with cheese and bacon) and fries. I remembered I wasn’t a fan on those types of fries. Skinny, crisp, bland –it’s the non-greasy, non-salty version of McDonalds. Todd loves it though and so too the burger.

The burger is different than I remember. The patty is much plumper with toppings and not on a potato roll. Once again, I’d think any burger would be glorious after several beers and whiskeys, but it fell far short of expectations. For the first time, I had to pick stuff off my burger –the layer of raw onions was too sharp. The burger patty itself was too bland. I had to salt it.

“When have I ever needed to salt a burger?” I asked Todd this as we were walking down the street. The vampire girl in front of us was so titillated with my statement that she smart-assly repeated it to her girl friends, “Yeah, when do you ever need to salt a burger?” Then a car almost hit her —as she wasn’t paying attention crossing the street, but was so engaged with my comment/question. What did we learn? Because the Corner Bistro burger wasn’t seasoned properly, a girl almost died.

Corner Bistro – 331 W. 4th Street (btw 12th St & Jane St) New York, NY 10014

Photo: Janet Hicks

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  1. Anonymous

    lol…karma, she was a vampire anyway..deadmeat(eek so corny, i’ll be anonymous on this comment =))


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