After several poor burger of late, I wanted to try that Galway Hooker burger that I tasted from my friend’s a few months back. I remember it being so juicy and delicious …and that Irish bacon looked awesome.

I went with Rob to enjoy this half-pound burger. The Irish bacon still looked awesome and it was still juicy. I liked the one giant onion ring. How do they get an onion that big? I asked for a side of barbecue sauce to reenact my friend’s burger that I tasted. It doesn’t need it, but it does add more flavor.

Only flaws were that it was a tad overcooked for being medium-rare and they accidentally gave me mashed potatoes instead of baked. I could only imagine that I’d be putting sour cream and butter all over that, so just as well. Also I didn’t want them to take my burger away just to give me a baked potato.

A $12 lunch burger is a little steep, but it’s one of the better burger in New York in my opinion. Maybe not better than Dumont or Irving Mill, but much better than the Corner Bistro burger I had this past weekend. I’m surprised there’s not much written about this Galway Hooker burger online or on anyone’s burger rankings. I’m happy to spread the word.

Galway Hooker Pub – 7 E 36th St (btw 5th & Madison) New York 10016

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4 Responses

  1. DocChuck

    Anyone who spends $12.00 on a hamburger is purely and simply demonstrating their ignorance and their feelings of ‘entitlement.’

    People such as you are obviously newly-immigrated to America, hoping to take advantage of unemployment insurance, welfare checks, or other social benefits that taxpayers like myself (whose relatives settled this country, AFTER arriving in Plimoth Plantation).

    You people make me sick. And sooner, than later, we taxpayers are going to get fed up with you people.

  2. Brett Warner

    Wow DocChuck? Ever think some people can afford the extra $6 for something that tastes a little better than a mcdonalds combo?


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