I was hungover, but I had it set in my mind that I was going to try Lamb’s Brain Masala that I saw on Menupages at this Pakistani Restaurant. I couldn’t tell if my nausea was from drinking too much or the idea of eating lamb’s brain. When I got there, they had steamed trays of prepared food. The old man in front of me wanted curry. “I want curry.” I don’t think he knew what curry was because almost everything in front of his face was curry. I thought maybe he had read about curry from an old Life Magazine and wanted try this new exotic cuisine.

Fortunately or unfortunately there was no lamb’s brain today. I did get the stuff that looked like it –ground chicken with bitter melon & lamb palak/spinach. It was a gigantic plate of food for $9 with a side salad. The food wasn’t too spicy or flavorful, but maybe that was better for my stomach …and my brain.

Pakistani Restaurant – 478 9th Ave (btw 36th & 37th St) New York 10018
…I don’t think the menu online is valid. I think you just order what they already made. And the Lamb’s Brain Masala (special) was not made on this Friday.
01 Cuisine of Pakitan Restaurant02 Pakistani - lamb palak ground chicken and bitter melon

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  1. Syd

    Jesus Christ, man! You choose a hungover day to try lamb brains? You are crazy! And yet, I kind of love you for it.

  2. tum tum

    Why Pizza Hut in Pakistan dont ever give out any Coupons…

    and their price is the same as in USA,

    however in pakistan every one knows they dont pay any freagin tax, pay their employees 20% of what american pizza hut pays to its employees…

    and yet if you convert pakistani pizza hut price Tag into dollars…

    it comes out as same in dollars….

    imagine how much profit these people must be milking…

    poor american businessman….

    they should learn from thief pakistani businessmen….


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