I revisited the B&B African and Caribbean spot with steamed trays lunch buffet at $5.99 a pound. My small box came to $5 filled with a lot of different flavors and curries –perfect for the Fall season rolling around. As you can see I put tiny spoonfuls of different dishes and didn’t even get to all the ones I wanted to taste on the buffet.

I feel ever closer to Lindsay Lohan’s character in Mean Girls. Oh, I just watched Mean Girls. Oh, she’s African in the movie. Oh, my roommate made me watch it.

B&B African Restaurant – 165 W 26th St. (btw 6th & 7th Ave) NYC 10001
01 B&B African Buffet Box to go

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  1. Biltong Buddys

    I am from Durban South Africa, We make our own currys based on malaysian cooking. They are delicious and specially nice to eat in Winter in the Northern Hemisphere.


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