Todd and I stopped by this Bombay Sapphire event (at Olives at the swanky W Hotel – Union Square) before seeing David Dondero‘s show at Joe’s Pub. For some reason, there were a lot of skanky dressed women in the lobby. I just assumed that’s how posh girls dressed. Todd assumed they were all escorts. Turns out they were casting a reality show called “Love Broker”.

The cocktails were good and strong. I felt it. Or maybe because I had four. Everyone’s favorite seemed to be the East Side Smash (Bombay Sapphire East Gin, lemon, orange, mint, basil, black peppercorn and syrup, Garnished with mint sprig.) Nice! I need to start drinking more gin.

Celebrity Chef Todd English was there and we had some bites. I like how he did some exaggerated kung fu moves when the camera was on him. He knows what the people want. I always do the pointing thing to the camera, but I need to change it up. He gave me some ideas. Also he kind of reminded me of very positive Dave Dondero in his speech and mannerism, who we were about to see. That was interesting.

By the end, I was thinking I should of tried out for that reality show.

Olives – The W Hotel. 201 Park Ave S New York, NY 10003

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