rusty gets myspace message from a russian fan asking if justice of the unicorns is playing this weekend in ny. somehow this turns into two russian girls crashing over, todd buying smirnoff ice, and rusty making gruel. it was actually not bad tasting.

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  1. Kickstarter: Justice of the Unicorns World Invitation | ME SO HUNGRY - FOOD BLOG & REVIEWS

    […] Our goal: $250,000 …We might as well dream big, if we’re going to dream at all. What it will pay for: A big subway ad campaign (a big unicorn in front a rainbow, just like Dr. Zizmor), PR, other advertising and tour support. Any leftover money will go to throwing a huge ass party. What this means to the Me So Hungry: I’ll get to document and try new foods across the country on tour. So what crazy rich Russian wants to foot the bill? I hear our band’s big there. […]


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