Greg asked us to participate in a Seed Magazine experiment. The questioner asked Group 1 to remember a 2-digit number & Group 2 to remember a 7-digit number …all to suggest that group 2 would likely pick a donut over a banana since their mind is so preoccupied with trying to remember the 7-digit number and I think may have to do with your brain wanting more calories for the energy to remember. The experiment is a study taken from author Jonah Lehrer’s new book, “How We Decide” who was also the number giver person and is the guest of the Colbert Report tonight.

I was in Group 1 and I did pick the banana. But I figured the banana and donut choice had to do with the experiment and I thought it had to do with something phallic. I still chose the banana. I don’t know what that says about me.

The pizza party afterwards was really good. Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! And we went through three bottles of Pellegrino. Fancy pants!

Pasty’s Pizzeria – 318 W 23rd St (Btw 8th & 9th Ave) New York 10011

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