Wanted to try Wo Hop for the first time, but once again the line was way too long. Went to Hop Kee. One time I came here to meet an old gf’s parents’ for the first time drunk after playing 5 consecutive games of beer pong. I couldn’t help it. I kept winning. I was just that good. I ate crab cantonese with them even though I’m slightly allergic (itchy mouth). Some of the crab juice squirted in my eye and it swelled up big and red like Hitch. I imagine I left some impression.

So now that I know the Secret, I took my chances with the crab once again. It was awesome. Later in the middle of the night, it was not so awesome. I had to run to the bathroom every hour for the next two days. When I sat on the toilet I thought it was odd that it smelled like patchouli. Is it this bad? Am I going delirious? Am I turning into a hippy? Do hippies have food poisoning? Turned out it was my new laundered underwear.

Many lessons to be learned here. In the end, the crabs were awesome and I might have gotten sick over what I had for lunch. It’s like my old friend Bill Brown when we got into a car accident trying to pick up a pizza from Papa Johns. When we finally did eat the pizza, Bill joked that it was totally worth it.

Hop Kee21 Mott St (@ Mosco St) Chinatown New York 10013

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