I’ve walked by this place a few times and it’s always been packed with business people. The dining room is pretty big and a few customers always seem to give me a weird look when I stare at their food through the window. I went with Jimmy because I know he likes noodles. We both got the Pho (“A Hearty Oxtail Soup with rice noodles sliced fist of beef saved basil dipping in sauce”) lunch special $6.95. It was the first time I pronounced “Pho” correctly …you act like you about to say “fuck” but only half way.

The portions were big, including the other dishes I saw on other tables. The Pho was nothing too special. I was hoping for all sorts of random cuts of beef like you get in Chinatown Vietnamese restaurants. And I wasn’t a fan of the noodles. It did get better when I put all the bean sprouts, basil, lemon, chili sauce and hoisin in there.

L’Annam reminds me of an Olive Garden version of a Vietnamese restaurant. Big, clean and safe dishes. It does its job and brings Vietnamese to Murray Hill. Hospitaliano!

L’Annam 28 – 393 3rd Ave (@ 28th St) New York 10016

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  1. trudatnyc

    i used to order from their union square location all the time: large pho + 2 fresh coconuts (yes, the whole fruit, pre-opened and ready for drinking) = the BEST hangover delivery ever!


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