i plan blogging darlenes because i always eat there when playing knitting factory. do sound check with tigers and monkeys. come back out and closed! maybe good thing? last time rusty got $6 grilled cheese and it really 2 slice wonder bread, 1 slice cheese …and rusty tip $4 before realization. but usally good price dominican food …that sells $6 grilled cheese?

we eat province which i see at cheapassfood with this creepy guy post. look at fatty slab of tasty pork they slice me. i make new friends who share. we all so hungry!

variety shac show is very terrific. me and rusty come home and both brag how we almost make out with sarah silverman (if our asshole friends did not cokblock us). maybe we would have made bj and maybe our friends asshole, but as we eat tasty late night ommelete i know we be wasted.

Variety SHAC – good time!
Province – 305 Church St (At Walker St), New York 10013

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