Went out with Anthony thinking it was bros’ night out, Streets of Rage style. Double Dragon. Went to Carolyn’s Friday night mixer at the Rubin Museum. We split 2-for-1 blue cocktails with candy at the bottom. Soon turned into ladies’ night out. Hopped over to 169 bar for pool and pbrs. Then pork buns at the Chinese bakery. I think the buns get cheaper when you get there at closing and stare at the buns and say nevermind. Then a dance party at 88 Palace dim sum restaurant under the Manhattan Bridge at East Broadway. So weird it’s in a Chinese dim sum restaurant, but makes a lot of sense for the food blog. Had a ton of fun. I was like Swayze x4 on the dance floor. Although friends kept coming up to dance with me while I was dancing with someone. After the fifth interruption, the girl walked away. I was like Zach Braff x3.

Update: Jill and Carolyn swear they saw Bjork in line for the bathroom at the dance party. I wonder if was really her or a small china lady making dumplings for the next morning.

Rubin Museum of Art – 150 W 17th St. New York, NY 10011
May’s Bakery – 90 E Broadway, Chinatown NY 10002
No Ordinary Monkey – dim sum dance party

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