You’ve guys seen the ads for Taco Bell’s new XXL Chalupa? It looks insane. No way they were going to stack that much beef on top of that deep fried flat bread. I got one today. It’s a decent size at $3.69 plus tax. I wasn’t expecting it to, but I would have been much more thrilled if it did looked just like the ads …and would’ve been willing to be pay twice for it …in more ways than one.

It tastes like their regular chalupa with a lot of nacho cheese. It got sloppy when it fell apart. It was also the first time I tried their Salsa Verde green sauce packets. It looked like green gel.

Here’s this video from Youtube. This one looks more stacked than mine. I didn’t realize they really deep-fried it to order. I thought the shell was delivered to the store that way. I guess I didn’t expect them to have a deep fryer at all. What else is it used for? By the way, that deep fried shell is surely the best part of the chalupa.

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