When I was a kid, my older sister told me that McDonald’s burgers were made of horse meat. I didn’t believe her, but she said her high school classmate/friend who works at McDonald’s said it was true. Then somehow when you’re a kid, that adds credibility. But I don’t think I really believe it.

And now over twenty years later, McDonald’s finally puts out these YouTube videos to prove me right. Their burgers are made of 100% beef (cow). I was right all along and that 17-year-old friend of my sister’s was just being a dumbass.

Now that I’m an adult and think I understand the world better, I guess it doesn’t matter if it was horse meat in there. Heck, cow, horse, dog, who cares. As long as it tastes good. But I gotta say, this McRib video is more interesting, because I didn’t realize that it was all just made out of pork shoulders.

So apparently, the McD’s campaign right now is to interact and have dialogue with their customers. Ask them a question on Twitter or Facebook and hopefully they’ll answer or make a video. I really want them to answer my question… Why can’t they sell Egg McMuffins all day long? That’s their best thing. I would eat them all the time if I woke up early enough. Make a video about this. It could be educational –about the cost effectiveness or how maybe the griddles have to be on a different heat setting for daytime burgers. The answer might not be favorable, but at least it would ease my mind.

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