On set with Rik Cordero’s Q-Tip video, the day after he just shot Busta Rhyme’s video. Very cool how big time he’s getting. I come by to pluck some hot bass lines on Dan’s upright and tear up craft services. This studio in Greenpoint is pretty neat. There’s all these different rooms for shooting …castle, geisha, robinson crusoe and most of them had jacuzzis. I feel like you can make a scary wax museum movie …or a sexy wax museum movie.

Getting makeup done is pretty sweet. Shiho, the makeup girl gives me a very nice facial massage with some silky moisturizer. It wasn’t as nice when I realized everyone else got one.

The shoot is fun. Got to play dress up. There’s a cute girl that I’ve met before who I sincerely asked if she was in the adult film industry. She turned red. I’m not so sure if that’s a good pickup line. Well her and Freddy play Native American Indians in this Q-Tip video. Someone asked Freddy if he was going to go shirtless. He got embarrassed. I turned to the girl and asked her if she was. Again, maybe not a good pickup line.

Q-Tip – new album “The Renaissance” out now!

Rik on a rampage – MeSoHungry Exclusive!

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  1. Kim Paris

    I was about to give you props for taking all these pics, but then I realized you cut off my face in the photo with Q-Tip! Booo! Well, alright I will still give you props. Good work.


    Kim Paris, aka, “The Conductor”


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