Dang, the new Mad Men season starts tomorrow night. I’m pumped and ready to down the whiskey.

I just got the Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook in the mail, courtesy of Judy Gelman, the author. It was actually unrelated to Mad Men, but I’m happy to have it anyway. Over the seasons, I’ve tried to follow in Don Draper’s footsteps with Chicken Kiev and Dinty Moore Beef Stew with a Budweiser. This book has all the recipes (including cocktails) from all the stuff they ate in the show.

I definitely want to try Sally’s French Toast with Rum. Maybe also try a Tom Collins at home. I used to drink those all the time when I first started drinking in New York. I would often forget what it was called and say something like “Collin Hanks” or “Phil Collins”. I remember one time I went to a strip bar in the Financial District and asked for a Tom Collins. They didn’t know how to make it and it was red. Well now I have the recipe.

The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook

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