We all got free tickets to the Mets vs Marlins opening weekend. I guess they weren’t selling, so they were giving them away. Actually all our tickets were in different sections. But because there were so many empty seats, we easily just chose to sit together.

Jody came over with a burger, fries and coke that was $17. I was like fuck. I guess that makes sense, since my Bud Light was $11.

I went to get my meal during the 3rd inning. I ran into an open food area that had a Pat LaFrieda’s Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich stand. $15 for the sandwich and the cashier warned me it would be 10-15mins. I said cool.

The cashier asked me to stand over to the right side to wait. The girl behind me in line thought the cashier was talking to her. Then she was like, “oh, she means her (pointing to me).” She thought I was a girl. But I think she realized I was a dude right when she said that.

I thought it would be embarrassing for her when she came over to wait with me. But instead she stood in front of me against the counter. I figure that was fine, but turns out there were no order numbers. The guy was just putting out sandwiches as they came. So that first sandwich that was mine, she grabbed and touched it and was like “oh, we have three more sandwiches.” So while she was standing there with that lone sandwich that belonged to me, I had to wait another ten minutes for them to bring out more. And she couldn’t leave either because she didn’t have her full order. Why didn’t she just give me that sandwich? Then I could leave and eat? I hated her so much. I was so pissed, I couldn’t enjoy the sandwich. Anyway, it kinda sucked.

I spent $37 on two beers and a sandwich that I didn’t like. Now I can see why those tickets were free. They can totally make their money off concessions. Well the free pickles at the toppings bar are pretty good.

Then it got so cold and windy. Everyone was leaving. We left too. Turned out it was an exciting game with a 9th inning comeback victory for the Mets. I don’t think I really cared.

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  1. tio wally

    Next time go on “Bat Day.” That way you’ll have something to persuade people to “stay in line.”


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