Matt invited me to a Don Q rum tasting at Employees Only bar in the West Village. They were promoting this Barometer app that provides real-time vibes at local bars through crowdsourcing. Matt and his company worked on it. We inputted the variables for the bar we were at: good for mingling, cocktails, loud …It concluded that the place was “Bromantic.” So then we chugged our cocktails and went to get food with his co-workers.

We all went for beer and burgers at Bill’s Bar and Burger. It was convenient.

I thought I was ordering a simple burger, but somehow I requested a bunch of extra toppings piled high –cheese, jalapeno, bacon, caramelized onions and a fried egg. I thought I was trying to watch what I eat. Well, at least I didn’t eat the top half of the bun. I think it was pretty good, but I can’t remember what it tasted like. Too much beer and toppings.

When we were leaving, outside of the bar, there was a promotional girl giving out cans of Mercy drinks that prevent hangovers after a long night of drinking. I felt like I was in a drunken ramble with her about something …probably Tebow. I do remember telling her that that the drink tasted like the Popeye candy cigarettes that they sold when I was a kid. The girls told her it tasted like shit.

Interestingly, I did wake up WITHOUT a hangover. The drink worked! …but unfortunately I still had the beer shits.

I don’t know why I took a picture of my TV again.

Bill’s Bar & Burger - 22 9th Ave (@ 13th St) New York, NY 10014


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