This cookie contest party was nutz. Thank you all for bringing the awesome cookies. I’m not sure who won the grand prize. All I know is that the trophy got passed around into the crowd and manhandled into pieces. Thanks to all who performed –Jantar, Marcellus Hall, Animal Hands, Gang of Craft, Playboys of the Western World, Matt Gill, Cold Lumps & the Cookie Cutters, Nimesh Patel, The Sweatermen, This Frontier Needs Heroes and Justice of the Unicorns. Thank you Good Co. for the party bus! Thank you Brad, Jessica and Russ for co-hosting. Two days later, my fingers still smell like cookies.

Here are the pics. Something happened to the place cards. Shit.

I was taking a piss when the Sweatermen started National Lampoon’s Vacation’s “Holiday Road”. I just heard the whole bar erupting in the sing-along. When I came out, they went into this little number…

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