We went to check out my friend Pavan’s art show Idea is the Object, that he’s curated with his lady, Tracy. Pretty cool. Open until August 24th. Afterwards we hopped around other Chelsea art openings. It’s cool because they often have free beer or wine (which attracts a lot of underage students). But for some reason on this hot day, no one had any. And we went to so many because Todd needed to find a place to pee. He found a place at the pizzeria around the corner, but had to buy a slice.

Then we decided to eat dinner next door at Chop-Shop. I guess it’s Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese. I’m not sure if that’s considered fusion, since all the dishes seem more separate in their ethnic cuisine.

We had the Zha Jiang Mian Noodles ($12), Shanghai Bok Choy ($7), Chicken Curry ($14) and Braised Short Ribs ($20). The food was pretty good. I remember thinking at the time that it was overpriced, but I must’ve still been in the art gallery/free beer & wine mindset. Plus this restaurant is BYOB. So it was actually a good deal. Good quality food.

Chop-Shop - 254 10th Ave (btwn 25th & 24th St) Manhattan, NY 10001

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