Yoshie’s Ramen and Friends adventure took us to Cheburechnaya (Kosher Russian) in Rego Park, Queens. This is where we ate Lamb Testicles, Heart and Fried Beef Brains…

It was pretty confusing ordering these. I couldn’t tell how many came in an order. We almost got five orders of Testicles, which would have been 25 balls. That would have been too way many balls. We just got one.

They had other stuff too …like this huge bowl shaped bread, called Noni Toki. It was almost like matzoh. Their Uzbeki style bread was good for the Hummus and Babaganoush.

They served many different types of Chebureki and Samcy patties. We had the ones with pumpkin and ribs. There were real ribs with bones. I liked those a lot.

I recommend the Whole Grilled Chicken. That was really good for sounding so tame (unlike the testicles). I would have been interested in the Lamb Fat and Veal Sweetbread Shish Kebabs if we were to order more.

Really cool restaurant. I enjoyed pretty much everything, even the balls. They even played Sade via Youtube on the TVs the whole night.

Cheburechnaya – 9209 63rd Dr. Rego Park, NY 11374
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  1. Vantage Properties

    We’re still uncertain of how we feel about this restaurant in Queens. All of these photos look delicious, but we just cannot wrap the descriptions of the food around our taste buds. We’re still keeping this Queens restaurant in our list of possibilities.

    • Jason Lam
      Jason Lam

      I’m the worst food blogger. Take a chance on this place. I thought it was pretty great and interesting.

      • Vantage Properties

        No, it’s certainly not your descriptions of the food that is throwing our opinion, it’s the food itself. We can’t quite bring ourselves to go that far out of our comfort zones yet. But we’ve rarely had a bad meal in Queens so we’ll still keep the spot in mind.

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