At the NY Food Film Festival, Chipotle (the restaurant chain) served up this mean spicy chili. It was very meaty …I’m thinking that shredded Barbacoa meat they have. I loved it. Super Spicy. Perhaps too spicy for most regular folk. I don’t think they have any intention of serving this in their restaurants, but I think they should.

Maybe I’ll get to eat this again in Chicago at the Food Film Festival there in a couple weeks. They are screening the Turtle Burger! We have to rest up for all that partying.

Also note that we are throwing a Justice of the Unicorns Chili Cook-off at K&M Bar (225 N 8th & Roebling, Brooklyn) on Sunday Nov 13, 2011. Party time!

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  1. Obbop

    “The Chili Appreciation Society International specified in 1999 that, among other things, cooks are forbidden to include beans, marinate any meats, or discharge firearms in the preparation of chili for official competition.”

    Excellent article, worth a visit.


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