I was invited to try Fresh & Fast’s new burger. Used to be a Pat LaFrieda blend of meat. They now get their beef sourced from Master Purveyors. Gutsy move. All I ever hear about is Pat LaFrieda. I’d like to try this new burger.

In true fashion, the first thing I did there was accidentally knock over a drink on an older lady’s coat. I can’t believe they now serve beer at this place. That’s rad. The lady was pissed though. I was apologetic, but she wasn’t having it. It was hard for me to understand why she was so pissed. But I think that’s because I’m used to having beer and bowls of chili spilled all over me all the time. I just thank Tebow every morning that I live to see another day. No reason to cry over spilled milk.

Now onto the “new and improved” burger. The owner and general manager were very proud of it. They gave me a double cheese with bacon. Holy Moly. Grease oozing out everywhere. I’m thinking that’s how a burger should be. It was good and my hands were a mess. I went to the hand sanitize despenser and accidentally squirted it all over some guys’ fries. They didn’t care. They just laughed. That’s the spirit.

I like the new changes here. New burger, new hand-cut fries, now serving beer and they changed the “N” in Fresh N Fast to “&” …maybe to be steer away from the In-N-Out comparisons?

I remember liking the old Fresh & Fast burger before. The new one is good too. I just always wondered why people would want to wait in line for an hour at Shake Shack, when they could be in and out in a few minutes.

Fresh & Fast - 111 E 23rd St (btwn Park Ave & Lexington) New York, NY 10010

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  1. Obbop

    “knock over a drink on an older lady’s coat”

    Obviously a terrorist-type act upon your part and authorities should have been notified, the entire city block placed on lock-down, all traffic stopped and teams of law enforcement sent in to capture the perpetrator; you.

    “squirted it all over some guys’ fries. ”

    That’s it. Chemical agents used. Military tribunal vice a civil trial with indefinite detention at Leavenworth with military guards.

    Society must contain this overt obviously anti-social behaviors that pose a horrid threat to our freedoms and, most importantly, to the food lovers of the USA.

    Think of the children!!!!!!!!


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