Yesterday, I came across the Munch Truck in my hood at Park Ave between 26th & 27th St. It was a massive food truck with a flat screen TV playing The Mummy with Brendan Fraser and speakers blasting out The Monster Mash. I ordered the “special” –Fish & Chips $6. The guy was already smiling at me, proud to show me the fish fillet he had in his hand that he just dipped into the light seasoned breading juice. Fuck yeah!

The fish did look prettier before I told him to drop on the tartar and hot sauce (which sorta melded into a hot wing sauce). But sloppy is pretty too sometimes. It was a nice cooked piece of fish. Definitely ranks up there for one of the best freshly fried fish I’ve had from a food truck or cart. Very lightly breaded and white plumps of meat inside.

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  1. thechickenlover

    Mhmm, Fish and Chips! Are they there every Thursdays?


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