I went out to the South Street Seaport last night to check out Best Coast. As you may know, the secret is to go to the food court in the mall to get a huge 32 oz beer (Bud at about $4.50) —at the Pizza or Seafood shop. I walked by all the other food counters. There were a number of them —Japanese, Chinese, Cajun, Seafood, American, but all of them were serving Chinese food with the same $6.99 pick two items over rice or lo mein noodles. Every one I pass, they were yelling at me to try their chicken sample on a toothpick. I felt scared with everyone yelling at me. I finally caved in for the bourbon chicken sample at Cajun Cafe. It was decent. I got that with shrimp and vegetables over lo mein. Yeah, tasted like Chinese-American Food Court food. I was wondering if I should’ve just gone to the Chinese place.

I watched a family go one-by-one tasting the chicken samples around the food court. They ended up getting their food at Cajun Cafe. That made me feel better about my decision …unless it was really all the same chicken and there was no reason to choose.

South Street Seaport Food Court – Fulton & South Streets, Pier 17. New York, New York 10038

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