If you bid on any of the fancy dinners from the last post, here’s something you can afford with the rest of your money.

Name: Braised Ribs Chicken Noodle
Brand: Hongfa (China) Group
Price: under $2
Contents: bucket of noodles with three seasoning packets (dried soup powder, paste, dried seasoning flakes)
Cooking: Fill hot water up to the line and cover for 3mins.
Results: For all the different packets included, it was surely disappointing in flavor. Pretty bland. I think this is the same company that made this one I reviewed. Maybe it’s a bucket thing. I’ve yet to have an instant noodle bucket that tastes better than a regular brick package. I really want to like you, bucket, but you really making want to kick you.

…The little plastic fork works surprisingly well.

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  1. april

    try LUCKY ME! lapaz batchoy flavor. its filipino. 🙂 i dont think youll be disappointed.


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