I met my sister at Macondo and it turns out she already ate with her friend. So I said let’s have a drink then. Three hours and a few cocktails go by and I get so hungry watching everyone eat all around me while I did the chair shuffle with the manager/servers. I can see why drunk starving hobos go crazy. I got a taste of that insanity. I walked into New Saigon Vietnamese/Chinese Fast food. They have bahn mi Vietnamese sandwiches. I’ve seen this place for years, so I was curious to taste this pre-banh mi explosion/fast food version. They had a tiny little grill to cook up my meat. It was chunks of pork that tasted Teriyaki style. It was huge and definitely not bad for $4 late night in the East Village, but definitely had that Chinese Fast Food angle to it. Don’t think it’s banh mi to seek out, unless you’re turning into a starving drunk crazy hobo.

New Saigon Vietnamese Fast Food – 59 1st Ave (btw 3rd & 4th St) New York 1000301 New Saigon02 Pork Vietnamese sandwich

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  1. Jenny

    You should’ve ordered food at Macondo! I was so out of it that I didn’t realize you were that hungry. Bad sister 🙁

  2. kim

    that’s like sticking a slab of char chiu between bread. You could do that at home at a fraction of the price. It’s Chinese-sandwich and it’s actually popping up like crazy now. The things owners do to earn more bucks…


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