I was trying to find that Duk Cheung Meat Market on Mott St. that a commenter mentioned for lunch boxes. Unsuccessful. David, you there? Where? I did find a Cheung Kee Meat Market, but didn’t see any steam trays of food and pretty sure I wouldn’t want to see them in that meat market. Well I picked one of the meat markets that I did find cooked food, Tai Sheng. Pick three on rice for $3.50. That seems to be the going rate in Chinatown. I got pickled greens with pork belly, chicken, and bok choy. Look how fatty that pork belly is. Dang.

Tai Sheng Meat Market – 128 Mott St, New York, NY 1001301 Tai Sheng Meat Market02 Tai Sheng lunch box03 fatty pork belly slab

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  1. wonders

    You needed to walk a couple more stores down, towards hester street.


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