I’ve posted snippets from the road, but now I’m ready to share our full-on adventures and photos from our Shonali Bhowmik 100 Oak’s Revival tour down South…

Day 4: Savannah! After our show with amazing The Fourth Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra, we partied hard at Wes’ bar, HangFire. Dang, I hadn’t been at a dance party like that in maybe 6 years. That place was bumpin. People spilling out onto the street. Oh yeah, you can drink on the street in a plastic cup.

Next door is Sweet Melissa’s. They must be cleaning up from all the party people. I went in there three times by myself and with friends …and each time I saw a different drunk person passed out along the stools.

When I first walked in, a guy with a big gut yelled at me that I should get the Grilled Cheese. He was right. That was damn good in that moment. Shonali’s burger was a monster for $5.

Sweet Melissa’s – 35 Whitaker St. Savannah, GA 31401

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