I was hesitant to get a free meal after last time, but this invite sounded too fancy with words like “exclusive dinner,” “sleek new contemporary steakhouse” and “Executive Chef Fabio.” I figured fuck it. I’m selling out. Let me enjoy the good life. So I met Carolyn at this Midtown restaurant located in the Park Central Hotel for their free tasting.

Interestingly, the menu included items I’ve been wanting to eat that day. Seared foie gras that I’ve been dreaming of since I’ve seen Japanese Iron Chefs slice thick cuts of it on TV, and rack of lamb which was staring at only a few hours before at Trader Joe’s. The foie gras was everything I dreamed of –buttery melt in my mouth liver. The lamb wasn’t as good as Carolyn’s Thai inspired Braised Short Ribs over Potato Au Gratin …that was awesome. The Chocolate Lava Cake was good too, even though it was like a microwaved Hines cake.

Maybe it’s because of the Midtown location, the nature of having so many good restaurants in New York and the nature of who I am, but I’m not sure I’d ever eat at cityhouse unless I was staying at that hotel …I’m a Brooklyn hipster. However they do have a very affordable prix fixe –$15 for lunch and $35 dinner w/ a complimentary glass of wine (5-7pm).

I’m happy this free meal turned out well. I have no regrets this time, considering my internal conflict with food blogging ethics. I was trying to be all high and mighty before, but I suppose this is not really any different than going to a media event and getting a free pizza burger. Maybe it’s just time to be like T.I. and live my life.

cityhouse New York – 870 Seventh Avenue (@ 56th Street) Park Central Hotel, New York 10019

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