Sometimes people offer me free meals, because me so hungry. Sounds cool, but it’s tricky. Can I say the food sucks? What if it was awesome? You know I got it free. I wouldn’t want to lose your trust. Well I took the bait this time and got a meal from Kool Bloo …because a free burger sounds awesome!

I didn’t expect much from looking at this place. It seems like a standard college town spot, targeting nearby students. I ordered the cheeseburger and fries. It took long time to cook it, probably because they had to heat up the griddle since business was super slow. The fries were coated in cajun seasoning –sounds good, but just okay. The burger was huge. The mistake was getting it cooked medium rare. If you look at my bitten photo, you can see this isn’t the kind of meat you’d want medium rare. Kinda gross. Anyway, did I say the burger was huge? There was probably a full day’s worth of calories right there.

I don’t know about this post. I feel icky for writing it, icky because you don’t get anything of value, and icky because I wish I could say something better about the food. I know I was never was obligated to write something, but somehow I feel like I am. It means a lot to me when someone feeds me and I’m grateful for that. At the same time, I suppose they had their own intentions (getting written up), so I shouldn’t feel bad. I guess a free meal sometimes comes at a price. I feel like what Rusty says in one of his songs, “…like a fish that figured out that he’s been hooked.”

Kool Bloo – 221 E 23rd St (btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave) New York, NY 10010

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