My friends and cookie party co-hosts, This Frontier Needs Heroes, are fundraising on Kickstarter for their next album. One of the reward pledges is having Jessica make you a pasta dinner, for which I had the pleasure to devour last night. Fusilli pasta and tomato sauce with sausage and broccoli rabe. She also made a nice bean and escarole soup. So stuffed. Their NY Italian landlord came by and also confirmed its delicious. Speaking of which, we drank a bottle of The Sopranos Pinot Noir.

They already have four backers in Connecticut, Michigan, Florida and Cardiff Wales for this pasta dinner. So hope you guys like the preview. Check out the other rewards on their pledge page and stay tuned for their Austin & Brooklyn backyard parties Sunday March 14th to celebrate their Kickstarter project.

My roommate Russ, is hoping to Kickstart his at-home partying next week. $50 can get him plenty of of Coors Lights. He might be willing to paint your nails.

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